2024 HLB-SIMPLe Meeting Agenda

Day 3 (Thursday, 30 May)

Other agendas: Day 1 | Day 2

All times in Botswana local time zone (GMT +2).

8:00-8:30 | E-Poster Presentations

Location: Main conference room foyer, conference center, 2nd floor.



Daniel Henry (MAP-IT) – Integrating NCD Awareness Campaign into Periodic HIV Awareness Campaign: Lessons from Events of World AIDS Day in Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

Anyiekere Ekanem (MAP-IT) – Building Capacity on Hypertension in Physician and Non-Physician Healthcare Workers at Primary Care Level Through Hypertension Academy in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

8:30-10:00 | Plenary Talk with Regional and Global Officials

Topic: Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Research for HIV/CVD Integration.

Location: Main conference room, conference center, 2nd floor.

Link to Zoom livestream.

Mosepele Mosepele (InterCARE), introductory remarks.

Ana Mocumbi (SCALE SAIA-HTN), moderator.



Nathan Ford (WHO)

Mike Reid (PEPFAR)

Rose Jalang’o (Kenya Ministry of Health)

Shedden Masupe (BITRI)

10:00-11:30 | Concurrent Sessions

Combined Working Group: Data Harmonization, D&I, Publications, and Cost Planning | Location: Leruo 1 and 2, conference center, 1st floor. 

David Dowdy (RCC), Elvin Geng (RCC), and Adam Wilcox (RCC) moderating.


LAGO Methodology Talk | Location: Abela 1, conference center, 1st floor. 

Donna Spiegelman presenting: Results from the LAGO 2-year experience in PULESA and TASKPEN.

Q&A with NHLBI for Early-Stage Investigators | Location: Abela 2, conference center, 1st floor. 

Keith Mintzer and Maliha Ilias will meet with early-stage investigators to discuss funding and training opportunities with NIH.

11:30-12:30 | Closing Plenary

Location: Main conference room, 2nd floor.

Link to Zoom livestream.

Ken Schechtman (RCC), moderator.



Neeta Bhandari (Gates Foundation)

Gontse Tshisimongo (Botswana Ministry of Health)


Following Neeta and Gontse’s presentations, Mosepele Mosepele (InterCARE) will deliver closing remarks and adjourn the meeting.

12:30 | Lunch

Location: Savori restaurant, 1st floor.

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