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HLB-SIMPLe Annual Meeting Uganda 2022


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2022 Alliance Meeting

Uganda Oct 19-21 (W-F)

  • Overall Meeting Objective (per the RFA)
  • NHLBI staff and alliance planning committee to plan and execute a 3-day in-person annual meeting with HLB SIMPLe network investigators, held in HLB SIMPLe awardee country
  • Overall Meeting Goals (per the RFA)
  • Identify areas of collaboration amongst awardees
  • Determine how expertise, facilities, and other resources of the awardees and their collaborators can contribute to ongoing or new projects, data sharing
  • Identifying opportunities for joint research involving awardees
  • Present scientific progress and future plans
  • Will specify objectives and goals for each of the symposia, workshops, etc.
  • Questions used in follow-up survey feedback; did we meet our objectives and goals?

Local Hosts are Fred Semitala and Chris Longenecker,

AND they are the Co-chairs of this Program Committee

Meeting will be at Speke Resort Munyonyo (