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Working Groups


In 2020 NHLBI established the HLB-SIMPLe Alliance to facilitate and establish a strategy connecting alliance members to capacity building initiatives and implementation science strategies. The joint work from the alliance uses evidence-based interventions for CVD prevention and treatment in people living with HIV in LMICs. In addition, the alliance enhances capacity building to support the development of skills and needs assessment in these varying contexts.


Activities of the HLB-SIMPLe alliance are driven by the steering committee, composed of one representative from each of the 6 countries, the Federal Team, the Research Coordinating Center, and a community representative. The Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Steering Committee and various governing Subcommittees serve 1-year terms, as follows. 

Steering Committee

  • Chair (2020-2021) Ana Mocumbi, MD, Mozambique, SCALE SAIA HTN
  • Chair (2021-2022) Dike Ojji, MD, Nigeria, MAPIT
  • Chair (2022-2023) Francois Venter, MD, South Africa, iHEART-SA

Data Harmonization Subcommittee

  • Chair (2020-2021) Donna Spiegelman, Uganda, PULESA
  • Chair (2021-2022) Orvalho Augusto, Mozambique, SCALE SAIA HTN
  • Chair (2022-2023)

Capacity Building Subcommittee

  • Chair (2020-2021) Ponego Ponatshego, Botswana, InterCARE
  • Chair (2021-2022) Samanta Lalla-Edward, South Africa, iHEART-SA
  • Chair (2022-2023)

Dissemination and Implementation Subcommittee

  • Co-Chair (2020-2021) Lisa Hirschhorn, Botswana, InterCARE o Co-Chair (2020-2021) Fred Semitala, Uganda, PULESA
  • Chair (2021-2022) Karla Galaviz, South Africa, iHEART-SA
  • Chair (2022-2023)

Community Engagement Subcommittee

  • Chair (2020-2021) Ernest Moseki, Botswana InterCARE
  • Chair (2021-2022) Claudia Ordonez, South Africa iHEART-SA
  • Chair (2022-2023)

Publications Subcommittee

  • Chair (2020-2021) Chris Longenecker, Uganda, PULESA
  • Chair (2021-2022) Francois Venter, South Africa, iHEART-SA
  • Chair (2022-2023)

Research Coordinating Center

This project was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) by grant U24-HL-15-4426